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The Institute of Applied Polish Studies (IPS) is one of six institutes of the Faculties of Polish Studies of the Warsaw University. It was founded in 2007 as a result of transformation of Warsaw Polish Studies. Such transformations were dictated on one hand by higher education reform, and on the other – by the need to adapt of traditional philological and humanistic education to contemporary civilisation and market transformations.

Basic educational task of IPS is to combine descriptive and theoretical education with teaching of professional skills and competences allowing our graduates to apply their knowledge of Polish studies on modern labour market. Thus, 4 professional specializations were appointed (teaching, editing and publishing, glottodidactic and medial); major in speech disorder treatment, followed by separate unique field of study: general and clinical speech disorder treatment (realized in cooperation with the Warsaw Medical University). Rich offer of post-graduate studies addressed to graduates of other faculties, who would like to acquire additional education in Polish studies, was prepared. Graduate international studies in cooperation with Université Libre de Bruxelles (Polish and Belgian Applied Studies – first studies of this type in Poland) were initiated. Apart from didactic offer intra muros, IPS also considers professional practices in facilities cooperating with the Institute of Applied Polish Studies (e.g. Agora, social and professional consulting agencies, schools, speech therapy offices, hospitals).

Focusing primary on development of the applied disciplines of Polish studies and professional specializations, IPS also conducts research in the field of applied knowledge on Polish language and Polish literature in cultural and comparative contexts. Combining theory with Polish studies’ praxis is realized at the level of professionally dedicated didactics in scientific sections and workshops. IPS has modern group of lecturers, numerous external co-workers, both domestic and international, every year conducts courses for almost 1000 students and movers of the Warsaw University.

The Institute of Applied Polish Studies of the Faculty of Polish Studies at the Warsaw University is a young institute, creative and open to innovations and experiments. Contemporary expert in Polish studies acquires here the knowledge enabling him/her to find work in the market of audiovisual media and journalism, press and book publishing houses, at all levels of education in Poland and abroad– everywhere where experts in processing, documenting, creating and producing of word are required. Language in operation is the horizon of our education.